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Hey! I uploaded gifs of this on various sites, and I've had people ask me how I did the shadows. So today I quickly documented and copy-pasted most of it into a new project.

The shadows are simply drawn onto a surface. There's two types: '2D' and 'Sprite'. The 2D shadows use the original sprite, the 'sprite' shadows use a different sprite to draw as shadow. The blood/stain stuff is just using a surface, but I wrote a simple script that allows you to easily create different kinds of stains.

There is a GMS 1.4 version avalible.
It may be messy but it should work.

Please note that the objShadowSprite's depth may not be set automatically.

Install instructions

Just import the .yyz into Gamemaker Studio 2!

If you're still using 1.4, just import the gmz one :p


(yyz) for Gamemaker 2 77 kB
(gmz) for Gamemaker 1.4 1 MB


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thx!!Nice stains, had this kind of code before. Surfaces cleared as supposed when resize or minimized. trying to solve that using a buffer. 

Thanks! Yeah, that's a thing surfaces do, sadly. I haven't really looked into buffers yet.