A downloadable funky shader

This is an edit of ZIK's incredible BjörtFX CRT shader for Gamemaker Studio 2.3!

The original project file can be found here!

I have slightly modified the shader itself, and heavily modified the surrounding GML code to be more optimized, user-friendly and remove a lot of things I personally found unnecessary. I have also added little additions like color limiting and screen rescaling- all of this is documented!

I have put everything you need to set up the shader in its own little file, so you don't have to do huge amounts of code re-writing and digging to get everything looking just the way you want! Simply add objCRT anywhere, and you're set!

If you use this in a project, credit Zik instead of me~ and defenitely ask them before using this in a commercial product. This is just a personal edit!



Install instructions

Simply drag and drop the .yymps file inside your project!

if that doesn't work:
Inside of a Gamemaker Studio 2.3 project, go to the 'Tools' tab and select 'Import Local Package'!


BjortFX_Funky_Edition.yymps 35 kB


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Much thank you for this project! : hail to the king :


This is sick, can't wait to mess around with this


Cant wait to use the bjort out if this


This is probably one of the best crt shaders for GM on the market rn. 


Exactly! That's why I wanted to improve on it for 2.3 users :D