A downloadable spider with gun for Windows

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It's just a spider with a gun

I never planned on releasing this anywhere, and I don't plan on finishing it.

Maybe I might come back to this at one point, but don't count on it

For GMS2 users:: you can grab the source code over at my Patreon!
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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreFighting, Shooter
TagsCute, Horror


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SPDR.zip 2 MB


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I remember downloading this 2019 or so and I've been looking for it since then, I'm glad I finally found it.


if anyone wants, I can try to repeat this game.
and continue to develop it at the discretion of the fans of this game
if the author of this game does not mind and wants to do it himself

Hear me out: Spider with Gun vs. Cancelled Moth Game :3

any chance on source code?

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Its been 5 months since release, can us Non Patreon Followers/Fans get the GMS2 Source Code Now ..?? Plz .


Aww.. Noticed you had updated it recently, hoped you had given us the source code ..   :(


Make something with this game. Even one single level is fine. Even one single enemy AI. Please. Do it for the gun spider.

that was funny


spider with a gun... what sins will he commit

Woah, I just saw a gif of this spider on twitter about a week ago. Now he has a gun! Very cool B)


i FUCKING love this, despite it just being a test. PLEASE develop this further.

i made this for you, please keep going <3

Deleted 123 days ago

I just... I don't... just yes


The animations, my god they were amazing. MAKE. THIS. SOMETHING.

Give that bad boi a cannon, a knife, a banana, I have no idea, but you can't just give a spider power like this but nothing to do with it!

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1

i really like the soundtrack and the animations, although it was only a tech demo, it made me very happy to play

Really surpsied this blew up, looking forward to seeing where this goes!