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Its been 5 months since release, can us Non Patreon Followers/Fans get the GMS2 Source Code Now ..?? Plz .


Aww.. Noticed you had updated it recently, hoped you had given us the source code ..   :(


Make something with this game. Even one single level is fine. Even one single enemy AI. Please. Do it for the gun spider.

that was funny


spider with a gun... what sins will he commit

Woah, I just saw a gif of this spider on twitter about a week ago. Now he has a gun! Very cool B)


i FUCKING love this, despite it just being a test. PLEASE develop this further.

i made this for you, please keep going <3


Holy shit I love it !! <3

I just... I don't... just yes


The animations, my god they were amazing. MAKE. THIS. SOMETHING.

Give that bad boi a cannon, a knife, a banana, I have no idea, but you can't just give a spider power like this but nothing to do with it!

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1

i really like the soundtrack and the animations, although it was only a tech demo, it made me very happy to play

Really surpsied this blew up, looking forward to seeing where this goes!