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New3D (or Ghost3D) is a system and shader for making wolfenstein-like 3D worlds inside of Gamemaker Studio 2.3! The system should be pretty easy to use if you've got a basic understanding of GML~

This asset contains:

  • Easy ways to create geometry (walls, ceilings, roofs etc.)
  • PSX-style shader (fog, color limiting, affine texture mapping, alpha dithering, vertex snapping, all you need to make your game look retro! And it's all super customizable)
  • A simple but effective 2d 'billboard' sprite system (which can do anything draw_sprite_ext can!)
  • No need for complicated initialization scripts ^^
  • An example that shows all the basics (and a public video tutorial coming soon!!)
  • Pretty much anything is dynamic and can be changed on-the-fly!
  • And more! Things like 3d audio, z axis movement and wall collisions can't be forgotten~

If you have any questions about this asset, feel free to DM me at twitter or discord!

Special thanks to my friend Zik for helping me with opacity dithering~

This asset has only been tested on Windows, but should work on all other platforms apart from html5~


Buy Now$3.60 USD or more

In order to download this project file you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.60 USD. You will get access to the following files:

New3D_v1-3.yyz 108 kB

Download demo

New3D_v1-3-demo.zip 1 MB

Development log


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Hey so just letting you know you should add more tags to this, I was searching for something like it (directly from the itch.io search function) and didn't find this until I searched for "gms 3d".

gms2 3d, gamemaker 3d both didn't work and I may have tried some others. I recommend you add "gms2 3d" and "gamemaker 3d" as tags to the tags you already have. Maybe "gamemaker studio" without the hyphen as well.


I bought it for 5.60 USD because I thought this was probably worth more than 3.60 :)

Also, would you recommend I wait for the next update that you've mentioned before I start using it?


Thank you!! I might add some more tags ~
Said update is already out ! thank you for the donation,, it means a lot !! <3

Nice! Thanks for the info. And you're very welcome!

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Hey I have a little question - I don't know if this is the difference in GMS2.3 versions, I'm with the latest version as of today (December 18). There seems to be a distortion when we get very close to a wall or look at the floor, here's two pictures about it:


Know that I'm not expecting you to update this quickly or even at all, and if I fix it I'll let you know how I did it - however the problem is an easy fix please let me know :p

EDIT: You answered me on the Discord channel, I'm leaving the solution here for others: 


thank you, 3d assets for gms2 are a blessing

I'm expecting someone to make a game with cutting edge bullet hell ghosting hunting gameplay using this

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This is a really lovely asset! The PSX shader is an awesome touch. :)

I've already been working with a 3D GML engine  that I've made many modifications to, but it's increasingly clear that it's unsustainable for two reasons: collision code not allowing a lot of objects and the difficulty of making levels.  Oh, if only I could work with something that hadn't become so weighty and convoluted...that was the then times.

Enter the now times, and I have found the perfect solution!
It is clean, light, and best of all, has the potential to look very pretty!

I'm  actually working in GameMaker 2.2, but I have the Beta so I bought this to have a quick look-see.  It seems easy to convert the code "downward" and I am feeling most optimistic.  d(^^)

The old way was still worth making because I should be able to translate its core merits.  After I release my prototype, I'm excited to see what I can achieve with this!

Designing games should be fun, and what I'm really after is adventure.
This engine can provide that! (¯▿¯)


Thank you so much!! This message really means a lot to mee <3

I've got a new update coming in a bit that fixes a few small issues~ And slightly improved PSX shader code ;) I'm very glad you're enjoying the asset ^^


I've been looking for something like this for a while. Gonna make a Rogue-like WolfenDoom for the Secret-Santa Jam to test it out.

Interesting! Will you add here the possibility of shooting, attacking enemies?))...


This asset really is more about the 3d projection itself, but the way the entity system works it shouldnt be too different from programming a 2d game~ I could help you with it hehe ^^