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Great asset! Is there a way to disable the opacity dither, and just have regular alpha blending?

make an ending 

needs more comments/documentation add readme/documentation website please!


Hey so just letting you know you should add more tags to this, I was searching for something like it (directly from the search function) and didn't find this until I searched for "gms 3d".

gms2 3d, gamemaker 3d both didn't work and I may have tried some others. I recommend you add "gms2 3d" and "gamemaker 3d" as tags to the tags you already have. Maybe "gamemaker studio" without the hyphen as well.


I bought it for 5.60 USD because I thought this was probably worth more than 3.60 :)

Also, would you recommend I wait for the next update that you've mentioned before I start using it?

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Nice! Thanks for the info. And you're very welcome!

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Hey I have a little question - I don't know if this is the difference in GMS2.3 versions, I'm with the latest version as of today (December 18). There seems to be a distortion when we get very close to a wall or look at the floor, here's two pictures about it:

Know that I'm not expecting you to update this quickly or even at all, and if I fix it I'll let you know how I did it - however the problem is an easy fix please let me know :p

EDIT: You answered me on the Discord channel, I'm leaving the solution here for others: 


thank you, 3d assets for gms2 are a blessing

I'm expecting someone to make a game with cutting edge bullet hell ghosting hunting gameplay using this

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This is a really lovely asset! The PSX shader is an awesome touch. :)

I've already been working with a 3D GML engine  that I've made many modifications to, but it's increasingly clear that it's unsustainable for two reasons: collision code not allowing a lot of objects and the difficulty of making levels.  Oh, if only I could work with something that hadn't become so weighty and convoluted...that was the then times.

Enter the now times, and I have found the perfect solution!
It is clean, light, and best of all, has the potential to look very pretty!

I'm  actually working in GameMaker 2.2, but I have the Beta so I bought this to have a quick look-see.  It seems easy to convert the code "downward" and I am feeling most optimistic.  d(^^)

The old way was still worth making because I should be able to translate its core merits.  After I release my prototype, I'm excited to see what I can achieve with this!

Designing games should be fun, and what I'm really after is adventure.
This engine can provide that! (¯▿¯)

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I've been looking for something like this for a while. Gonna make a Rogue-like WolfenDoom for the Secret-Santa Jam to test it out.

Interesting! Will you add here the possibility of shooting, attacking enemies?))...

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