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This game was made for Mini Jam 33: Underwater

In this game you have to reach the surface(?) as fast as possible.

Make sure you don't run out of air on the way!


WASD, or arrow keys, or the left stick.
Whichever one you prefer.

Holding down Select or R will reset the run.

Currently best recorded time:
0:41:00 by Ray-Yami

I apologize in advance, there are a couple of levels that are terribly designed.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cute, Difficult, Pixel Art, Speedrun, underwater


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ZEE.zip 10 MB


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OMG I love this, I also like how short it is and how it's speedrun-able


your goal : inflict yourself with DCS!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsdN2nMHEBg Worldrecord ? 


Le jeu ne fonctionne pas sur mon PC, je ne sais pas c'est du a quoi, mais quand j'essaye de faire bouger le personnage, rien ne bouge


Apparemment si tu as en même temps une manette connectée sur ton PC le clavier ne fonctionne plus en jeu ! essaie de tester à la manette

Merci, je vais essayer


Je vais bientôt poster une vidéo ou j'ai speedrun ton jeu, aux passage super cool d'avoir mit un chrono, j'ai apprécier ton jeu, il est cool <3 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfxkIdtZM-4&feature=youtu.be c'est pas parfait, mais j'avais mal aux doigts ^^

Ahah ce n'est pas mon jeu mais ta vidéo est cool :D j'ai juste vu que tu galérais comme moi pour y jouer donc je t'ai aidé :)

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like every of your project, it's so cool ! 5/5

by the way, when you have a gamepad, keyboard doesn't work, only gamepad work and if you disconnect the gamepad it create two 'divers' and it create a lot of bugs

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i like speedrun this game ^^

Very Nice time <3 


Me => 44:30

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finalement j'ai battu se temps, j'ai fait => 0:41

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Good game dev had fun playing it :D rated 5/5 , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Is very good, you just need to put the replay button at the end of the game.

Deleted 185 days ago

Ok thanks, I forgot this option.

Deleted 185 days ago

Hello, your game is great, I am amused to play a lot, I still find some small problems, the first being that the reset is too long, could you shorten it? secondly I find a bug that duplicate the character, but I do not know where it comes from, if I can do it again I speedrunerais the game can be glitch

Deleted 185 days ago
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Hi ! I can't move the character on the first scene. Windows 10 - 64 bits.

Deleted 185 days ago

A keyboard :o


Amazing! took me over 4 mins but it was fun! music after hitting that giant button was so cool.